About the company

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   The history of our company started in April 1995 in Almaty. With such a long work, we can proudly say that we are one of the most sustainable companies in Kazakhstan for the production of soft drinks. A first for the Kazakhstan market, we began to pour drinking water in plastic containers from our own artesian well depth of 230 meters. On the basis of water extracted from wells, we are producing drinking and mineral water under the brand "Silver", drinks with juice "Jug", "Fruits", natural juices "Juicy" brew "Mug Vigorous", drinks with juice in Tetrapak "OK" and juice for baby food "NYAM". Since 2011, we are pleased to introduce our new drink: a line of juice drinks "UPS!" Mojito combined with different flavors, original juice drinks "Juicy MIXX" - fruit mixes.
   In January 2006 the company was certified by the certification Association "Russian Register" for compliance with quality management system ISO 9001:2000.
We grow, develop, invariable criterion of our activity for us is always the opinion of our customers about the quality of our work.