Company history

Company achievements:


Foundation of the company.
Launching of the lemonade production shop.
Opening of certified laboratory.


Launch of a new shop for the production of water, brand "Serebryanaya".
Installation of bottling equipment 1,5 L; 1 L; 0,5 L.


Installation of bottling equipment 6 L, brand "Serebryanaya".
Launching of a new shop of forming machines for the production of PET preforms.


Opening of a new shop for the production of juice drinks, brand "Kuvshin".


Acquisition of lemonade line of Italian origin.
Opening of a new shop and production of carbonated beverages under the brand "Tumar" and kvass under the brand "Yadreny".
Diploma of the International Tasting Contest "Interdrink", the Gold Medal for drinking water "Serebryanaya" and mineral water "Selenovaya" ( St. Petersburg, 2000).
Diploma of the International Exhibition "Sweets 2000", the Silver Medal for drinking water "Serebryanaya" ( Almaty, 2000).
Diploma of the International Exhibition "Sweets 2000", the Bronze Medal for drinking water "Crystall" ( Almaty, 2000).


Expansion of the territory. Reconstruction of production and shops.
Launching of the brand Children's Champagne.


Drilling a well in the 2nd area.
Commissioning of own temporary warehouse for customs clearance.


Expansion and modernization of the department of automatic molding machines.


Construction of juice shops.
Commissioning of own boiler house.


Obtaining certificate ISO 9001-2000.
Installation of Tetra Pak equipment.


Launching of juice production.
Launching the production of 19.8 liters of water for home and office.
Organization of a trading team and fleet of vehicles for the new sales department 19.8 L.


Installation of more powerful equipment in the lemonade shop. Modernization.
Laying of foundation for a new office.


New shop of juice drinks.
Release of products TM OK, baby food "Nyam", Juicy 0,2
 Commencement of construction of the hot filling shop.
Obtaining certificate ISO 9001-2008.


Opening of a new office.


Opening of hot filling shop. Launch of new products: juice refreshing drink UPS!, cold tea Zen, juice  mixed drinks Juicy Mixx, the first juice in PET packaging "Only".