Industrial process

Since the founding of the Company, OBIS is actively stepping up its production capacity. In 1996 was opened 5 shops, launched 12 new production lines is continuously upgrading equipment and process optimization. Today, the company employs about 600 people, each of them is skilled in their field.


Bottling line drinking water

–for bottling water in PET-bottles with a capacity of 6 liters (Poland, 1999)

–bottling of sparkling water (Italy, 2000)

–for bottling water in 19-liter bottles (China, 2006)

Total capacity: 11 500 l/h


It is on this line produce the famous water TM "Silver", the uniqueness of water "Silver" that adds silver ions, through which neutralizes more than 650 kinds of harmful microorganisms and viruses known. Water is extracted from a well depth of 230 meters.


The line of aseptic filling

a – line aseptic filling machine Tetra Pak package volume of 1.0 l (2006)

a – line aseptic filling machine Tetra Pak package volume of 0.2 l (2008)

Total capacity: 8 000 l/hour

On the lines of bottled products brands: juice Juicy 1.0 l and 0.2 l, juice drinks OK, and a children's juice Yum. aseptik.jpg

Aseptic technology allows to significantly increase the shelf life of products in the package. Aseptic packaging allows to preserve the organoleptic and gustatory characteristics of a food product for much longer than the packing in normal conditions. Pre-packing of product heat treatment helps to get rid of harmful microorganisms that affect the safety of the contents of the package.


Filling line for carbonated drinks

–filling line for filling carbonated drinks in PET containers (Austria, 2007)

Total production: 6 000 bottles/hour

On the line of bottled drinks brands of kvass "the Mug Vigorously" lemonade "Crystal".

Carbonated beverages have a strong taste and thirst quenching in hot weather.


Filling line for juice drinks

–the line for bottling of still drinks in PET bottles (China, 2008)

Total production: 3 000 bottles/hour

On the line of bottled drinks brands Jug, Pitcher, Fruits.


The juice content in the beverage line to 10%. Drink Pitcher and the Pitcher is enriched with vitamin b, which gives the preventive effect of ODS.


Line hot filling

The opening of a workshop for hot bottling took place in 2011. Country of origin line - Germany.

Total capacity: 12 005 BPH

On the line of bottled products of OBIS: the first juices in plastic bottles Only, juice drinks UPS!, juice Juicy Mixx mixes and iced tea with gingko extract Zen. rozliv.jpg
The benefits of hot filling is that it gives you the opportunity to pour juice drinks and juices with no added preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. Equipment of this type until now was available only from the world's leading manufacturers of juice drinks.


Production line of polymer products

- TPA HFT-180 manufacturer of caps and handles (China, 1995)

- injection molding machine (IMM) DVD production of tubes of one-component (Italy, 2001)

- TPA VM Beradi production of PET preforms (Italy, 2001)

- line pad printing (Poland, 2006)

Company OBIS was one of the first in Kazakhstan began to pour drinking water in plastic containers from our own artesian well depth of 230 meters. On the basis of water extracted from wells, are all beverage companies.


Company of OBIS is not static and always uses innovative technology in the beverage industry to maintain the quality of their products!